The Italian Gemological Foundation takes advantage of the expert analysts of the CISGEM Laboratory to organize numerous courses in the field of gemology.

In addition to informative courses aimed at amateurs and operatives in the field, there are more specific and professionalized courses of study like the CISGEM Gemological Diploma.

To be awarded with this prestigious title, the student must attend the courses: Analysis of Diamonds, Analysis of Colored Stones, and Analysis of Pearls.
After passing each final exam, the student receives the diploma, but not only…

The CISGEM Gemologists graduates most worthy will be awarded a study scholarship in the form of an internship in the providing company.

There are also compact courses dealing with specifically assessing/valuing gems or jewelry.

CISGEM Gemological Diploma.

Introductory courses

Evaluation and Estimate courses


In addition to courses in the headquarters, the CISGEM laboratory carries out personalized training operations by request, projected according to the needs of the individual company or association.

Course calendar

  • Solo una gemma certificata
    valorizza il tuo gioiello