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The experience, reliability, impartiality and security of a Gemological Laboratory acknowledged in the world

The laboratory is able to provide satisfactory analytical opinions in respect to the norms, rules, and national and international uses.
This field, continually growing in complexity with the creation of new materials and the development of improvement treatments, requires a highly qualified and constantly updated technical-scientific support to be able to offer professionals and consumers precise data about the characteristics of their products.

CISGEM responds to the needs of the market with a modern gemological laboratory in which anyone may have their own personal gems analyzed, and after a short time receive an official analysis document. Upon request, the stones may be packaged in blister.
The issued reports contain all of the necessary and useful data for a correct assessment of the material.
A quick and efficient service with an inviting price offered to everyone, both private parties and professionals. For the later, favorable conventions are available.

rubino cerigicati

Advanced technologies for gemological analysis

CISGEM is able to dedicate attention to the dynamics of enterprises and consumers, providing them with the best service on the national level.

The laboratory, equipped with the most advanced essential analysis technology and the unmatched experience of its analysts, is prepared to distinguish all gemological material in commerce and to identify the most recent summaries and adulterations.


Gemological analysis

  • Gemmologia

    Articoli e linee guida per comprendere meglio i diversi aspetti della bellezza delle gemme

  • Formazione

    CISGEM propone un'ampia varietà di corsi e interventi formativi personalizzati su richiesta

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